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"Darbie has been my "right-arm," and VA partner on my Executive team for six years now. My company serves clients worldwide with a number of divisions and Darbie is one of the main reasons for our success. It is a pleasure to work with her and I can always count on her to provide me with honest input, exceptional skills, top-notch friendly service, quick turn-around, loyalty and dedication. My clients and colleagues are equally impressed with her skills. She has saved me money on numerous occasions; one example was when a local database designer wanted to charge me an whopping amount for a project... Darbie performed the same task quicker and for hundreds of dollars less than him! WOW! She will stick to your deadline and your budget and often offers suggestions of other resources. She handles tough situations or emergency problems, with grace, humor and patience and is unflappable. She truly cares about the success of your company and works hard to make sure you achieve the results you need. If you want a talented, smart, experienced professional, then Darbie is the one for you. I can't say enough about her. I count my blessings for Darbie every day."
KC Christensen-Lang, President of Happiness Is...

"Darbie is a Godsend. She understands technology and responds quickly. I have the confidence that the work will be done right. I no longer have to tolerate delays from my webmaster. Darbie makes my updates, knows how to manage my shopping cart, and helped me get my audio course up and running. This saves me time, frustration, and allows my business to move forward. Itís easy to communicate with Darbie. Her professional and positive attitude lets me know Iím in good hands."
Diane DiResta, President, DiResta Communications, Inc., NY

ďDarbie has been a treasure to work with as she has produced the finished products for my e-books and manuals as well as helping me to use my shopping cart functions for broadcast emails. Her ability with PowerPoint is amazing and the finished products much appreciated by my own clients. You can see the Product section of my web site for the items on which Darbie has worked with me. I look forward to a long and productive relationship making use of Darbie's skills as a Virtual Assistant."
Marie Kane, President, Executive Evolution, GA

"I value Darbie's skills at assimilating data and providing top-rate finished documents for me and for my clients. She is responsive, creative and timely - what more could a busy professional practice need!"
Russell Long, Change Innovations, LLC, South Carolina

"Darbie, even after having you as my Executive Assistant for over three years, I am still amazed by your ability to grasp a concept and put it into a useable format as quickly as you do. Even though you have not been here physically for several years, you continue to be a real asset to me and my company with the help you give us on the newsletters, revising of various workbooks, and powerpoints when I am in a hurry and did not plan ahead. Thank you and I wish you much success and hopefully the people that I have recommended your services to have proved to be good new clients."
Judy Suiter, CMC, President of Competitive Edge, Inc., Georgia

"I consider Darbie Bufford a major asset to my business. Darbie is the ultimate VA. She is knowledgeable, responsible AND pleasant. She responds fast and gets the work done perfectly. Besides her pleasant personality, Darbie is efficient and her technical skills are broad. My great fortune to have found her."
Dr. Dorene Lehavi, Ph.D. Master Coach,
Next Level Business & Professional Coaching, California